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Applications and Key Benefits
- 6V and 12V OPzS blocs, designed foroutstanding cycling performance in hard conditions

Ideal for:
• IT and Telecom network operations
• Power plants and power distribution
• Emergency lighting and Security
• Switchgear
• Automation & Industrial backup power
• Railway, Airport & Seaport signaling
• Other applications in areas with unreliable power supply

- Tubular positive plates
- Multi-cell design for easy and compact installation
- Dimensions according to DIN 40737 OPzS blocs, compatible with existing installations
- Outstanding cycling performance
- Suitable for use at elevated temperature and reliable operation in difficult conditions
- Optimized for deep discharge recovery DIN 43539T5
- Up to 15 years design life in float operation in temperature controlled environments
- 100% Recyclable

Applicable Standards
- DIN 40737 - specification OPzS blocs
- DIN 43539T5 - deep discharge
- IEC 60896 Part 11 - vented types requirements & tests

- ISO 9001 Quality Management System
- ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Technical Features
- Tubular positive plates with special low < 2% antimony lead alloy reduces loss of water (3-year topping-up intervals on fl oat condition)
- Active material contained in polyester fiber gauntlet ensures extended long life
- Electrolyte: high purity sulphuric acid solution with 1.24 specific gravity at 20°C
- Pasted negative grid plates designed to have service lives consistent with the positive plates
- Separators with extremely high porosity and low internal resistance
- Container in impact and acid resistant SAN, designed for unsurpassed mechanical strength
- Translucent container for easy maintenance
- Lid in opaque SAN, sealed to the container
- Threaded female M10 terminal posts guarantee highest conductivity, maximum torque retention and easy installation
- High integrity post seal design to prevent electrolyte leakage and terminal corrosion
- Ceramic plugs filter electrolyte from escaping gasses
- Flame arrestors prevent errant sparks or flames from entering the battery (flashback)
- < 3% self-discharge per month at 20°C allows 6 months shelf life
- Installation in vertical position
- Flexible, fully insulated cable connectors with insulated screw with probe hole on the top for electrical measurement