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Applications and Key Benefits
- AGM standby batteries 25Ah to 2000Ah, designed for highest integrity, security and reliability

Ideal for:
• High rate discharge UPS application
• Telecom wireless and wireline
• Industry and process controls
• Emergency power supply systems
• IT network operations and data centers
• Electric utility
• Switchgear

- 2V cells and 4V, 6V and 12V blocs
- Excellent for high rate discharge (1 to 60 min) and medium to very long discharge (2 to 20 hours)
- >12 years design life in float operation in temperature controlled environments
- Very high energy density allows more compact battery layout and footprint
- Flame retardant plastics and flashback protection
- Full compliance with international product and safety specifications
- VRLA AGM and gas recombination technology with 99% internal recombination
- No separate battery room required
- Maintenance free without topping-up
- Non-hazardous for sea/rail/ road transportation
- 100% Recyclable

Applicable Standards
- IEC 60896 Part 21 - VRLA methods of testing
- IEC 60896 Part 22 - VRLA requirements
- Eurobat "Long Life" - 12 years and longer
- BS 6290 Part 4 - specifications for VRLA classification
- BS 6334 / UL 94 V0 / IEC 707 FV0 determination of materials flammability
- Bellcore TR-NWT-000766 - VRLA battery generic requirements
- Bellcore TR-NWT-000909 - Fiber generic requirements
- Telcordia GR-4228 - VRLA battery string certification
- UL Recognized
- UL 1778 - UPS equipment

FIAMM Manufacturing
- ISO 9001 Quality Management System
- ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Technical Features
- Extra-thick plates with grids cast from high purity lead-calcium-tin alloy to minimize grid growth and corrosion, for prolonged service life
- Electrolyte absorbed in glass mat "AGM" separators with extremely high micro porosity
- Threaded post terminals with brass inserts guarantee highest conductivity, maximum torque retention and easy installation
- Heavy-duty internal straps and through-the-partition cell connections minimize internal resistance
- State of the art post seals prevent acid seepage over a wide temperature range
- Cells equipped with one-way safety valves to allow excess gas to escape when overcharging
- Flame arrestors prevent sparks or flames from entering the battery
- ABS IEC 707 FV0 and UL 94 V0 (LOI greater than 28%) flame retardant plastics
- Thick walled plastics designed for unsurpassed mechanical strength
- Most sizes have integrated handles
- < 2% self-discharge per month at 20°C allows 6 months shelf life
- Remote venting system available for applications which require limited gassing to be vented externally